Game Version:

EA Sports FIFA 18


As arranged by ACL admins. Matches are usually arranged on Tues/ Fri, from 2230 (GMT+8) or 2330 (GMT+8), up to 3 matches per night.

Competition Method:

- Group stages (either Home & Away or one match per opponent)
- Top 2 from each group will enter Knockout stages (Home & Away)
- Away goals rule apply to all matches EXCEPT the Finals
- If aggregate score is even for the Finals, an additional match will be played to determine the champion

Player Registration:

- Player registration must be submitted by the given deadline (this will be announced in the League WhatsApp)
- Maximum of 25 players can be registered
- No additional players can be registered once the league has started
- Any players found to be registered and playing for more than 1 club in the league (ACL & AL) will forfeit those matches with a scoreline of 0-3 (which the player was fielded)

Gameplay Rules:

- No glitch Virtual Pros allowed
- No provocative actions allowed
- No interference to GK during matches allowed (blocking/ pushing)
- No minimum number of players required
- No 'ANY' allowed
- Human GK is allowed

Glitched Virtual Pro Report:
- Proof of glitched Virtual Pros in the opponent's club should be in continuous and uninterrupted recording after the match (immediately checking opponent's club after the match) and is to be submitted to the ACL admins
- No other reports will be accepted

Pro Club Requirements:

- Club representatives are required to join the Skype Chat group (provide Skype name/ e-mail to be added to the chat, name should be in the format: PSN@ClubName)
- Broadcast on Ustream, Twitch, YouTube (with archiving) required (provide URL of channel for ACL admins to view all archived matches)
- Note: To prevent copyright infringement, broadcaster should disable background music in the game (FIFA Home -> Customize -> EA SPORTS TRAX -> Music All Off)


- Matches can be postponed if opponent club agrees. In such cases, the organizer must be informed of the rescheduled date and time via Skype. Rescheduled matches must be played no later than the next schedule of matches. (In the case of Final, it must be played within a week) If the opponent club does not agree, the match has to be played as originally planned
- If a club fails to show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time, the opponent club wins by default (3-0)
- HOME Club shall invite AWAY Club (Friendly Match Mode) to start the match. In case of any errors, AWAY Club can invite HOME Club, upon agreement of both clubs
- Team kits of both clubs should not be in similar colours. This should be determined by both clubs in advance
- Match broadcasting should be done by both HOME and AWAY clubs, and should be archived
- If players are kicked out by an unavoidable technical error such as screen freeze BEFORE kick-off, club manager should promptly inform the opponent via Skype and set up the re-match, as soon as possible
- If either clubs have trouble starting the match after 10 minutes, the match will be postponed to the end of matchday, or both teams are to inform the ACL admins on the re-arranged date/time

During Match:

- Both Home and Away teams have the right to rematch twice (only upon DC). If more than 2 times is required, the match will be forfeited by the team requesting to re-match
- If any unavoidable technical error such as server bug occurs AFTER kick-off and when the match freezes (take note of match time),
    > Within 1st Half: Re-match, wait until the suspended match time, then start playing
    > Within 2nd Half: Re-match, wait until [suspended match time - 45 mins], then start playing. The re-match ends at half time. (e.g. if match suspended at 60th minute (15 mins into 2nd half), wait until 15 mins (in 1st half of re-match))


- Both HOME and AWAY club managers must report the match result immediately after every match to the Skype group in the following format:

--- [Match Result Format] ---

No. <XX> (Matchday)

<HOME club>   [3] vs [0]   <AWAY club>

<PSN 1> (2)
<PSN 2> (1)

<PSN 3> (2)

Sent Off
<PSN 4>

- If a player is sent off in the match (by a red card or 2x yellow cards), he will miss the next match
- PSN of the suspended player(s) should be informed to the organizer before the next match begin
- If suspended player plays a match during his suspension period, the club loses the match by default (0-3)


- Only players in the submitted list will be permitted to take part in the competition. If a club played a match with a non-listed player, the club loses the match by default (0-3)
- Unsporting behaviour and any actions breaching "Fair Play" are all prohibited:

    > Interfering with the GK who is about to release the ball
        >> Interfering with the GK unfairly during set pieces
        >> Any goals scored due to GK interference will be invalid

    > Actions showing no respect to the opponent/ provocative actions
        >> Overuse of unnecessary Ball Juggle Skill moves in own defending area
        >> Overuse of unnecessary Sliding Tackles totally unrelated to game play
        >> GK's meaningless attacking participation

- If a player intentionally boosts his Virtual Pro by glitching, the player will be banned permanently from the league. The player's club MAY also be banned afterwards


- If a club fails to fulfill the obligation to play all scheduled matches during the competition period, the result of all matches will be recorded as 0-3 loss by default, and the club may be banned from the league until further notice
- The league organizer makes the judgement on application of the above rules and regulations. Final decision is always made by the league organizer, who has full authority

(the above rules are taken from "Rules" page of AEFA)