Last updated: 3rd November 2017

Matchmatching Guide

To ensure there are no disruptions when preparing for League matches, please perform the following steps:


1. Go to "PRO CLUBS" -> "MANAGE" -> "CUSTOMISE KIT AND CREST" from FIFA menu screen.


2. Choose only official kits for your Pro Club. Custom kits are not recommended as it will cause players to disconnect from the matchup.


3. Ensure ALL players are waiting OUTSIDE the lobby. Only the captain (host) should enter the lobby first.


4. The captain (host) should select his position in the lobby first.


5. Do not assign any roles (even to the captain (host)).


6. Change "MATCH TYPE" to "Club Friendly", and ensure that the club is using an official kit. Go back to ""MATCH LOBBY". The other players may now enter and select their position.


7. At any point in time, no one should press and hold the PS button to enter the XMB screen. Should this happen, repeating from Step 3 is recommended.