Last updated: 12th April 2017

Glitch Check Guide

To check if your club or opponent's club have glitched players, do the following steps:


1. Go to "PRO CLUBS" -> "LEADERBOARDS" -> "SEARCH CLUBS" from FIFA menu screen.


2. Search for the club via the parameters or under "FRIEND'S CLUBS". Select the club name to enter.


3. Go to "CLUB INFO".


4. Select the player's name to enter his details.




6. Go to "PHYSICAL" (first attribute).


7. Scroll through every attribute and calculate how many traits has been equipped, and the remaining skill points available. The breakdown is as follows:

- Second Wind: 3
- Strength: 3

- Standing Tackle: 1
- Sliding Tackle: 1

- Flair: 1
- Ball Control: 2
- Dribbling: 3
- Skill Moves: 3

- Giant Throw-In: 1
- Swerve Pass: 1
- Short Passing: 2
- Long Passing: 2
- Crossing: 1

- Finesse Shot: 3
- Power Header: 2
- Long Shots: 3
- Penalties: 1
- Free Kick Accuracy: 2
- Weak Foot: 3

- Sprint Speed: 4
- Acceleration: 4

- GK Long Throw: 1
- GK Flat Kick: 1

If the total number of skill points (traits equipped + remaining) is 24, the player is not glitched.

If the total number of skill points (traits equipped + remaining) is 25, the player was previously glitched, but he has reset his virtual pro.

If the total number of skill points (traits equipped + remaining is more than 25 (usually 48), the player is glitched and should be reported

Any ex-glitched players with more than 25 points will be considered as glitched and not reset, unless the player can show video proof (uncut from the time he reset) that his Virtual Pro gained additional points after playing a few matches. This has been tested by the admins, and it will be up to the players to prove that their Virtual Pros are gaining these additional points forcefully. Such players will be warned once and tracked, and subsequently the player will be banned (if there is no video evidence).