SGFIFAVP First FIFA Virtual Pro Clubs Live Event successfully held

Milestone in SGFIFAVP history reached

3 months of intense planning was finally brought to action in early 2018 as we had our very first Pro Clubs Live Event. With the potential logistical efforts required in mind, we decided to start it off as a 5v5 tournament, which was well-received by the local Pro Clubs community. All 8 slots were snapped up within hours of the announcement by enthusiastic Pros looking to strut their stuff live. The grueling 10-hours event was not without its fair share of obstacles, which were overcame by the participants' enthusiasm and readiness to help. Photos of the Live Event can be found on our Facebook page here. The Admin team would like to sincerely thank the Pro Clubs community for making this Live Event a huge success!

Post Event Message by ZerReaper

First of all, the Admin team would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all the team and their managers, their family and friends who came down to support them, and other members of the community who did not participate but came down to support the event.

We are deeply touched by the patience and understanding by all participants, from the late start of the event due to the late set-up of displays, to the snowballing of matches due to issues of FIFA licenses and arrangement of the consoles. While we try our best to mitigate such issues, sometimes the real issues pop up during the event itself.

But such issues are eventually overcomed by the participants' enthusiasm, additional knowledge with regards to PS licenses (UhfadShuai-Ge and one more person, I can't recall), and the willingness to lend us your personal PS4s on the day itself when we were faced with lack of primary PS4s (rizanes and one more whose console was having the Arsenal sticker). Not to mention the "spare" PS4s from far-ne and R4iNNNNN94, which were also used due to TOG's console not being updated to the latest digital FIFA version. This event would not have been possible without all of you.

We have witnessed a lot of wonderful things throughout the event. Great goals were scored, reactions of joy and despair from the participants adding to the atmosphere, and waiting for players to come back from toilet before the match invite can be sent (honestly I did not expect to witness this but it happened). Some standout moments for me personally were the last minute goal from Team OXO which effectively guaranteed them a place in the semis, the sportsmanship between teams after every match, the willingness of participants to bring their own consoles, controllers, and headsets, and the participants' partner sitting with them while they were playing (my wife would not even want to be in the same room as me when I play FIFA).

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and we apologize for any shortcomings on our end. As per everything we have done in the past, we will be having a post-event review among ourselves to gather what we have learnt over the couse of the event, and what we can improve on in the future. However, we would also like to get feedback from you, the participants, as the event is catered more to the community. Every feedback (positive or negative) will be appreciated and taken note of, as we strive to improve our administration abilities to bring Pro Clubs mode into the spotlight.

3 months ago, when we were planning for such an event, we would never have thought it would be possible without sponsors. But the first Pro Clubs Live Event in Asia has been made possible, and it is because of the community. Please send our regards and appreciation to your respective team members.

Thank you!

Latest Results (Pro)

Latest Results (Int)

Latest Results (Flexi)

Pro League

Rank Teams Points
2 La Rojak Fùtbol 92
3 OnesToWatch 77
4 Akherat FC 71
5 Eastwich FGT 70

Intermediate League A

Rank Teams Points
1 Bhinneka Delina 39
2 Royal Rangers 38
3 Samba eSPORTS 38

Intermediate League B

Rank Teams Points
1 Shin No Yujin 39
2 JomLawan VFC 32
3 Jumawa VFC 32
Rank Teams Points
3 Terracotta FC 65