FIFA21 SG FIFA Pro Clubs League: Start an amazing Virtual Pro Career with us today!


What is this about?

The FIFA21 Pro Clubs mode lets you compete with friends and other FIFA21 gamers in up to 11v11 online play. Complete accomplishments to grow attributes for your online Pro and earn unlockable items as you progress. 

You can read the full article on Pro Clubs here. (


Why join us?

The official leader-board are always subject to a barrage of constant abuses every year. It does show a consistent gauge on club performances depending on the number of games a pro club plays, although it does not differentiate the results won or loss attributing to technical problems within EA servers or possibly ingenious manipulation of the results.

Here, we have assembled a dedicated team of Pro Clubs gamers, past and present, that will provide full administrative support for a Pro Clubs league where organized Pro Clubs compete all year round. In addition, we collate statistics (Top Tier League) and have kept them in our database for one's pleasure viewing since FIFA12.

Our continued endeavour has enabled the Pro Clubs Community to grow immeasurably over the years, and it is our hope it will continue to do so. This will benefit the gaming community in discovering precocious FIFA21 Pro Clubs and gamers, within Singapore and beyond.

In FIFA21, we have conscientiously redesigned the league structure and adapting it to encompass for a wide spectrum of gamers. We anticipate that this new league structure will provide not only an engaging gaming experience, but also an enduring competitive edge throughout the entire FIFA21 edition.

Earlier in 2018, we conducted a successful first ever Pro Clubs Live event in Asia, relying solely on the community's passionate support and contribution. Hopefully, we can organize another for the FIFA21 edition in Singapore. 

Our Pro Clubs directory on this website allow gamers to find and access most Asian Pro Clubs and e-Sports organizations or communities easily, based on country and playing platform (PS4).


What are the details of this online league? Who can participate? How can I join? Is there any registration deadline? 

The 11v11 online league will be a campaign of 2 seasons, with 3 tiers of 20 teams each. The top 2 tiers constitute the competitive and experienced elite Pro Clubs playing on a fixed schedule, while the bottom tier caters to newly formed teams or for casual gamers on a flexible schedule. Promotion and relegation playoffs occur mid-season and at the end of the season. We also manage a separate 5v5 online league for smaller sized Pro Clubs, or for gamers who prefer competing on a smaller scale. At present, online leagues are only available for the PlayStation console. 

While the majority of Pro Clubs and Virtual Pros are from Singapore, the league welcomes all Pro Clubs and Virtual Pros anywhere in Asia. Beyond Asia, problems with time zone and internet connectivity arises based on past playing experiences. Registration is completely FREE of charge. You may register at any time. 

If you are a Virtual Pro searching for a Pro Club, or if you own a Pro Club and wish to participate in the league, please register in our Discord server (


When do clubs play their fixtures?

The top 2 league tiers play their fixtures every Thursday at 2300H GMT+8 (Singapore Time) with live broadcasts.

In the lower tier and 5v5 online league, the club managers will schedule their own games. 

We have a Discord server ( to facilitate better communication. 


What are the league rules?

For full details, visit this here.


How does my club qualify for the Asian Champions League Pro Clubs Tournament? How do I qualify for International Singapore selection?

Top clubs from the season campaign prior to the start of the Asia Electronic Football Association (AEFA) tournament qualify for either the Asian Champions League or Asia League based on their league ranking.   

All Singapore citizens and permanent residents playing in this league, automatically qualify for selection in either the Independent Telefootball Association (ITFA) Singapore or AEFA Singapore squads, that will compete internationally and regionally. Please drop a message to ITFA Singapore Manager PSN: <VACANT> or AEFA Singapore Manager PSN: taufiqawesome for more details.


Please read the rules thoroughly and respect them. The FIFA Virtual Pro Association of Singapore is a unique establishment of passionate Pro Clubs gamers. As we input a great deal of effort organizing leagues every edition for the Pro Clubs gaming community, we only ask for your dedicated commitment in return. Enjoy the competition! Contact us via Discord (, Facebookemail or twitter @sgfifavp if you have any other enquiries.


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Latest Results (Pro)

Latest Results (Int)

Latest Results (Flexi)

Pro League

Rank Teams Points
2 La Rojak Fùtbol 92
3 OnesToWatch 77
4 Akherat FC 71
5 Eastwich FGT 70

Intermediate League A

Rank Teams Points
1 Bhinneka Delina 39
2 Royal Rangers 38
3 Samba eSPORTS 38

Intermediate League B

Rank Teams Points
1 Shin No Yujin 39
2 JomLawan VFC 32
3 Jumawa VFC 32
Rank Teams Points
3 Terracotta FC 65